Hi, I am Mohit Verma.

If I have to pin point a time, it all started in the year 2006 with the beginning of my post-graduation in engineering from IIT Bombay, India. It was a magical experience living in the lush green campus, an extension of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. I had our (family’s) first digital camera, a little Fujifilm FinePix F20 which I literally exploited by clicking anything and everything. In 2010, I bought myself my first Canon DSLR.

Fast forward through a decade with primarily documenting wildlife and sometimes people, winning some photo competitions, getting my photo featured by Nat Geo more than once, some paper publications, featuring on the cover of Sanctuary Asia magazine etc., it pushed me more and more into exploring it further and in various genres. Soon I found myself covering my first wedding shoot in Lucknow (2015), then there was no looking back. By 2016, I found myself on the crossroads, whether to continue in the world of 9-6 job or break free and pursue photography professionally. It wasn’t easy, but I did break free.

Slowly, from being solo shooter, we became a team of hardworking and wonderful people who are more like a family now.  
We are extremely passionate about freezing raw emotions in time. We work in a minimalistic style with high efficiency. Our philosophy is not to highjack the ceremonies with too many team members and gadgets but be part of it as guests and document the most authentic emotions of families and friends.

I am certain to continue to freeze the emotions of people in time to be cherished for life.

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